Uptown Manor Estate & Moving Sales
Nashville, Tennessee


  • Why should I hire Uptown Manor Estate & Moving Sales?

Uptown Manor is a comprehensive service offering a full range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. I am the sole proprietor of the business and having grown up in Franklin, TN I am a hometown girl familiar with Nashville and the surrounding areas.

  • Do I need to have tables or ways to display items?

No, I will  bring in tables, jewelry cases and clothing racks (if needed) to ensure that your items show well in a way that is eye catching and not cluttered.

  • How do you price items?

I have several resources that I use including but not limited to Worthpoint and a consultant who worked on the Antiques Roadshow

  • What advertising will be done?

I will advertise in local newspapers, on estatesales.net and other social media.  We will take multiple pictures to get customers interested. In addition I have a large customer base that I send a newsletter to the week of the sale with pictures and information on what we will have in the sale.

  • What items can be sold?

My staff and I will attempt to sell everything in your home that you want to be sold, with the exclusion of  prohibited items.

  •  When are estate sales usually done?

The sale itself is normally conducted Thursday, Friday & Saturday depending on size of the sale

  •  How much time is required to prepare, conduct and complete the sale?

The more time my staff and I  have to prepare a sale the higher your receipts will be. Presentation greatly increases the sale ability of items and this process takes time.  The actual time needed will be determined after our initial consultation.  I don’t want you to feel rushed or feel that the sale has been thrown together.

  •  What do we do to protect your property?

All small valuable items are displayed in locked cases and a staff member will be assigned to show and sell these items.  A staff member will be assigned to multiple rooms during the sale to ensure theft prevention.  All major items are photographed and inventoried.  We never release the address of the sale until 9am the day before the sale is to take place.

  •  Do I sign a contract?

Yes, I will answer any questions you may have and all information will be thoroughly explained at the consultation.  

  •  Does the owner need to be present at the sale?

I recommend that the owners are not present as it can be an emotional process. It is my job to take care of everything and allow you to relax through the process. However, life happens and if you need to be in your home it is of course OK because it is your home after all.


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