Uptown Manor Estate & Moving Sales
Nashville, Tennessee


Welcome to Uptown Manor Estate & Moving Sales and thank you for considering us! We are here to address all of our clients’ needs and help them through the process of having an estate sale whether it is moving, downsizing or settling the estate of a loved one. We encourage you to not rush this process. We understand that this can often be an emotionally taxing time and we do everything possible to take the burden off of the client. We take our time in helping go through the items that you wish to keep, sell or donate. The last thing we want is for a client to regret having sold something because they felt rushed. 

We work efficiently to meet our customers' goals of selling contents of homes while achieving great sales results. We are privileged to serve you with the sensitivity and discretion you deserve. We handle the process from beginning to end.  If you are having a difficult time deciding what to sell or what to donate we gladly help you with that as we know what items typically sell and which ones do not.  We stage the house and then begin to price the items after extensive research to ensure that you get top dollar for your items. 

There is no charge for the initial consultation. If we are hired to conduct your estate sale, we work on a percentage basis. There is no cash outlay for our clients, ever. We inventory, research and sell your items along with handling staffing, permits, signage and advertising. We are honest, hard working and conduct every sale with the highest quality and integrity. 

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